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Reader submission #1 -Kaci

Hey Chef.

I’ve been in the rut of this belly for 9 years; the burns, cuts, bruises, abuse, discrimation, and wrist injury hasn’t turned me away.

Being a mentor when I can and giving my all is what satifies half of me, and the other are the evenings when regulars who don’t know me come to the pass and say goodbye and thank you by my name.

Tonight, one of our pantry cooks flooded the kitchen because we didn’t have eyes on the drain catcher being so full of rice and as I’m clearing my tickets I hear him from a shaken voice on the verge of tears yell “Kaci, when you get a chance, can you help me?” I turned my head to see him with a mop in hand, incorrectly and desperately trying to soak up the flood of water. I busted up laughing and raced to the dish pit to grab the floor squeegee and the handle was broken off and the top was hanging from the ceiling pipes. As I proceeded to die of laughter, I grabbed the hand squeegee on my way back and started dragging the gallons of water into the drain. It took ten minutes. The walk-in water flooded too during a holiday weekend of all times. He was horrified and I couldn’t hold back how insanely funny the situation was. This was the Watergate situation, on top of the fall of the six banana cream pies in the walk in to which covered the place with pastry cream, and the saimin spill of 2018 that I helped clean.

I’ve been riding this kids ass for months, he’s so green and so young. He says I’m mean and I answer with each comment that I want him to be the best cook he can be. He respects me. It’s values the work I put in. That he relies on me as a teammate.

As I’ve been feeling burned out this weekend, this situation made me laugh so much and took that tension I’ve been feeling off my shoulders. It felt good that my young grasshopper turns to me for a hand.

I’m still so hurt by your passing, but I’ll keep pushing to be a great cook, and a better chef. I hope you were watching and laughing as much as I did tonight. Chef.


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